Track the Financial Health of your Business with Indinero

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts highlighting online products/services for small businesses. 

If you haven’t already noticed, technology has dramatically changed the way that the world conducts business. From sending online faxes to leveraging social media, there are a multitude of ways a business can gain a competitive advantage.Today I’ll be highlighting Indinero, an online service which allows businesses to track their financial health.



How it Works:

Indinero is a real-time dashboard that syncs with your business credit/debit account. It also categorizes your purchases in a way that is simple to track and measure. For a brief synopsis, check out the video below.


Indinero also allows users to set budgets, view purchasing trends, and even create profit and loss statements. For business owners who use Microsoft Excel, there’s no need to worry – Indinero can export the majority of the data to a spreadsheet format (.csv).

What I Like:

  • Ability to export data to a spreadsheet
  • Simple, yet powerful user interface
  • Team Access (Enable your accountant/employee to monitor spending habits)
  • Receipt Tracking (Upload photos of your receipts)

Indinero Pricing:

  • Free (Unlimited Monthly Transactions, 3 Months of Historical Data)
  • Upstart – $19.95/Month (500 Monthly Transactions, Unlimited Historical Data)
  • Small Business – $29.95/Month (1000 Monthly Transactions, Unlimited Historical Data)
  • Enterprise – $49.95/Month (Unlimited Monthly Transactions, Unlimited Historial Data)

Overall Grade: A-