Maine’s Offshore Wind Future (TEDxDirigo Video)

Regardless of one’s political stance on alternative energy, it’s great to see technological advancements happening at the University of Maine. Despite a slow economy, major progress is being made on deepwater offshore wind, which has the potential to dramatically change Maine’s economy.

I’ll be graduating soon, and like many other students, will have the option to either live and work in Maine, or to move out-of-state, and stay a little warmer during the winter months. I have no intention of leaving Maine, yet I know peers who can’t wait to move out.

Personally, I believe many students are looking for glimmers of hope. They want to stay in Maine, yet are worried about the economy. I would agree that their fears are legitimate, yet a decision must be made. We can focus on the Verso Paper layoffs, or the Great Northern Paper hirings. I think it’s that simple.

Last month, Habib Dagher, the Director of the AEWC, gave a 20 minute long TED Talk about the future of Deepwater Offshore Wind in Maine at the TEDxDirigo event. I found this video to be a “bright spot”, and it’s great that local companies like Cianbro and Bath Iron Works are getting involved. Enjoy the video!