Forget Important Files at Home? Should’ve Used Dropbox..

There’s nothing more painful than working on a project over the weekend, and then realizing on your way to work that you forgot to transfer the file onto your thumb drive. All that hard work for naught; your day is ruined! Don’t you wish there was a way to curb this problem?

Dropbox your files.

Imagine that you’re working on another project, and a team member needs to email a gigantic file that is sure to clog your precious email storage space. What do you say? “Do you have access to a server so I can upload this file using a FTP client?” Nope.

Dropbox your files.

These situations happen all the time, and there’s a solution to your problem. It’s simple, free, and extremely easy to use. It’s called Dropbox.


What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a simple way to store and access files (yes even large ones) on any computer.

  1. Download Dropbox onto your computer (or mobile phone)
  2. Move important files from your computer into the Dropbox folder
  3. Done.
Dropbox does the rest. As soon as you store the file on the Dropbox folder, it will automatically sync with your account, and upload the file. This means there’s no need to email the file to yourself, or upload it to the company server. Files can also be accessed online, even on computers that don’t have Dropbox installed.


What I Like:

  • Simplicity
  • FREE (up to 2GB of space, more space available if you invite others to join)
  • A huge problem-solver
I’ve been using Dropbox for 3 years, and there’s no sign of discontinued service in the near future. I absolutely love it, and if you are a business, there’s pricing options for large teams.

Overall Grade: A+