Bangor Savings Bank gets it…

Okay, I admit it. I love marketing. I enjoy spending my free time staying up to date on the latest trends. From “street-team” guerilla marketing to Superbowl ads, I am fascinated by it all. It’s amazing how overall strategy combined with short-term tactics can influence consumers buying decisions. It’s something that can be used for good, or for evil.

I’ve seen my share of special offers* and misleading advertisements. I’ve also seen marketing used to benefit local non-profits and the community at large. I’ve been particularly impressed with Bangor Savings Bank. They get it.

Let’s review a few articles over the past few years:

  1. Troop Greeters say thanks to Bangor Savings Bank
  2. Portlanders get free parking for a day
  3. (Today) Free Copies of the BDN offered in Portland
  4. Bangor Savings Bank recognized for small business lending
  5. Time to Cast Ballots for Community Matters More

I’ve seen marketing messages for corporations like Bank of America, Key Bank, Wells-Fargo, and I’ll be the first to admit; they are boring. Banking is general is pretty uneventful, yet Bangor Savings Bank has created a connection with the community, something much stronger than a new iPhone app, or ATM machines that deposit checks (although that’s pretty cool). For a perfect example of what I’m talking about, watch this video below.

Naturally other banks will try to copy this “community banking” strategy, yet creativity can’t be duplicated. When was the last time your bank offered free lunch? Or sponsored a local movie? Bangor Savings Bank has created a positive impression for me, and I haven’t even opened an account (although that will probably change soon).

Yes, Bangor Savings Bank is doing a great job communicating their mission, but what about your business? Are you spending your hard-earned money on television ads, hoping it will earn repeat customers? Or are you seeking to build a bond with your customers?

Bangor Savings Bank proves to me that even “boring” industries (Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, etc) can make a difference and be unique. What are your thoughts? What local companies are improving the community?