Apple Releases “The iPad”, drops iPad 2 price to $399

Earlier today Apple launched the “third generation” iPad, or “the iPad.” As usual, there was quite a bit of hype surrounding the event, and I’m sure millions of people have already preordered this gadget (or wished that they didn’t purchase the iPad 2 a month ago).

I won’t bore you with all the details of the event, yet it’s probably a good idea to become familiar with the latest batch of updates (especially if you have tech-hungry teenagers who will try to convince you that this is a necessity.)

The Screen

Have you purchased a 1080p HD television over the past few months? If so, the new iPad has you beat. It has twice the resolution of the iPad 2, and boasts a “retina display.” Put simply, everything displayed on the screen is going to look extremely clear.

The actual size of the screen is the same as the iPad 2 (9.7″), so don’t expect a larger (or smaller) device.

The Processor

Since Apple upped the resolution of the screen, it only makes sense that they increase the performance of the processor as well. The new iPad features a A5X processor, which according to Apple is twice as fast, and has four times the graphics performance.

1080p Video Recording

Remember the time you recorded that concert on your iPad? 

I don’t remember either, but the new video recording capabilities will make those home movies look crystal clear. Better yet, Apple upgraded the camera on the iPad as well (it’s the same camera as the one in the iPhone 4s). Say goodbye to grainy video.

Battery Life

The new iPad has the same battery life as the iPad 2 (10 hours). Perfect for long road trips.


I checked around, and Boston is currently the closest place for LTE speeds (Verizon & AT&T). LTE is blazing fast, and has some serious potential to use up your data plan in a hurry.

The Price

The new iPad starts at $499 dollars, which is a hefty price tag compared to other tablets. If you can’t afford it, the iPad 2 price will be $399 dollars ($100 dollar cost reduction). If my numbers are correct, that should save the Auburn school system about $40,000 dollars when they purchase more tablets later this year.

Friends, tablets are not going away anytime soon.