LG Lucid Phone Review (From an Average User)

I was recently contacted and asked to review the LG Lucid Android phone. While I don’t normally review products, I’ve recently noticed many bloggers are obsessed with specs. While accurately describing the product is great, I believe the reviews are targeted to a small population. Many consumers don’t care if the screen is gorilla glass, instead they want to know if the screen will crack if they drop it.

I agreed to do the review, and I’ve been using the LG Lucid for about three weeks (quite regularly). I think it’s difficult to review a product by testing it for a few days. The average consumer doesn’t have the luxury to continually use a different phone, and I shouldn’t either. With that being said, let’s jump into some details:


Look & Feel

The LG Lucid is a sexy phone. It’s very easy to hold, and fits comfortably in the palm of my  hand. Surrounding the majority of the phone is a skinny metal piece, which provides exceptional grip on the device.

The Screen

The screen is very bright, and the colors are very nice. I didn’t have trouble seeing anything on the screen, it’s very clear.

Drop Test?

I didn’t intentionally drop this phone, yet over the course of a few weeks, it has been dropped three times. On each occasion, the battery popped out, yet there weren’t any visible scratches on the screen. On the battery cover, I noticed a few scratches, yet I was very impressed with the screen on this device (It’s gorilla glass).

Call Quality

The call quality of the phone is great – the voice is very clear and I didn’t have any trouble understanding the individual on the “other line.” I should also mention that it’s very easy to place calls.

Ease of Use

I found this phone pretty easy to use, especially considering I’m not a big fan of the Android operation system. For basic users, this phone will work well; the basic necessities (call, messaging, apps, etc) are located conveniently.

Camera, Video

I thought the camera was reasonable, yet I’ve definitely seen nicer photos from a smartphone. The video isn’t great at all, I was pretty disappointed, especially considering the camera shoots HD (1080p) video.


Over my three weeks of use, the LG Lucid crashed once. I was very surprised how quickly the phone responded to my swiping and typing. I loved this aspect; I wasn’t wasting time waiting…

Battery Life:

The LG Lucid has a horrible battery life. I found myself constantly charging the device, and while I understand that constant use contributed to the problem, I was very disappointed.


If you are looking to purchase a smartphone for the first time, the LG Lucid is a nice phone at a decent price-point, just bring your charger wherever you go!

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